Medicare Supplements
Blue Shield of California Medicare Eligible Plans

We recommend Blue Shield of California
because it is a California only health plan. Blue
Shield of California markets and administers health insurance exclusively. Other carriers, most
nationwide, develop and sell other types of insurance and services as profits dictate.

Blue Shield of California’s offerings for seniors and other medicare covered individuals enrolled
or about to enroll in Medicare Parts A and B:

Medicare Supplements are designed to cover much of the costs that Medicare parts A and B do not. They also allow for freedom of doctor choice and direct access to specialty care. Supplements work in addition to Medicare and make direct payments to doctors and other providers.

Advantage Care
Medicare Advantage Care Plans replace original Medicare and usually include prescription
coverage. They are lower cost (some no cost), usually HMO type plans that require the use of
specific plan doctors, specialists and hospitals.

Medicare Part D is prescription coverage. Drug coverage is an important consideration for
medicare eligible persons. It is prescription costs that are most likely to threaten financial
resources of seniors today.


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