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Fairway health Insurance Services has been providing information, guidance and access to major California health plans and insurance carriers for two decades. We offer individual and family health plans, Medicare Supplements, low cost Advantage Care plans and part D prescription coverage, employer group health, life, and dental benefits, as well as senior long term care insurance.

We hope that this website provides helpful information and indeed one can apply for some of our carriers right online. However, much of your valuable time can be saved if you call us (or request a call back) to determine your eligibility and specific needs.

There are a seemlingly endless variety of health plans offered on the web and online brochures describe policy benefits in glowing terms. You need well schooled human input (that's us!) to know why one plan is better or worse than the next and what factors contribute to price differences. Our advice cost nothing. Ask us your questions!

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Blue Shield of California

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